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Sr. No. Instructions
1 The Application form has to be filled in English language only.
2 For obtaining DSC "In Person verification and video recording of DSC applicant" is mandatory as per CCA - Guidelines. Click To View
3 The Application form should be supported with the required supporting documents.
4 All Supporting documents should be attested by Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Post Master and the Name, Designation, office address and contact number of the attesting officer should be clearly visible.
5 Send this set of duly signed Application form, documents and payment to any of the (n)Code office.
6 Once DSC application is processed, (n)Code will undertake following verification :
a)      Email Intimation – (n)Code will send the mail to the registered email ID. The applicant may thoroughly go through it and inform us if any discrepancy is found.
b)     Tele-Verification – This can be achieved either by sending SMS from your registered mobile number in fixed format [confirm customer id: (CID No) Email: (Registered Email ID)] to 09223990613 / 09016360370 or alternatively you may call on 079-61708820 during office hours. However, Tele verification through SMS may be done at any time.
c)     Video Verification – The applicant has to record a min of 20 second video clip from the link shared by (n)Code over the registered number of the applicant. Once you record it, pls upload it by clicking “Upload” button.
7 Incomplete application is liable for Rejection. The rejected form would be physically discarded after 15 days from the date of rejection. No request would be entertained with respect to rejection form after the rejection period.
8 After successful verification, Auth-ref Codes will be generated to download the certificate in USB Cryptographic token and shared with the applicant on his/her registered mobile number.
9 OID would be as per our CPS. Please refer to our CPS. Click To View
10 In case of key pair have been compromised/lost/deleted. Please apply for revocation of certificate immediately and send us duly filled and sign physical revocation form to nearest verification office. Click here for address.
11 USB Crypto Token is required to download DSC as per CCA Guidelines Click To View
12 Currently we have allowed following USB Cryptographic Tokens for downloading DSC: ePass2003, mToken, Gemalto (Safenet 5110, Hardware v.15.0) and Watch Data).
13 Once DSC issuance process is initiated and Customer ID (CID No) is generated, it is considered as processed and no refund request against cancellation of DSC would be considered.
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