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Sr. No. General Instructions for Paperless DSC Registrations
1 Please access registration link from Email address
2 Select “Yes” if you are existing (n)Code eKYC user else “No” to create new (n)Code eKYC account
3 Fill all your KYC details in eKYC Account Registration page and submit eKYC Details
4 Login using existing eKYC Account (UserID) and PIN
5 System will redirect you to the eSign page to enable pre-filled details in DSc Application
6 Subscriber/User has to login again using existing eKYC Account / UserID and PIN to sign DSC Application form
7 Application will be successfully submitted and Customer ID has been Generated
8 Subscriber will also receive video uploading link to record live video of minimum 22 seconds. (In Case of PAN and Organization eKYC, Original Documents needs to show at the time of video recording)
9 Incomplete application is liable for Rejection. Rejection caused are informed to subscriber via Email.
10 After successful verification, Auth-ref Codes will be generated to download the certificate in USB Cryptographic token and shared with the applicant on his/her registered mobile number.
11 OID would be as per our CPS. Please refer to our CPS. Click To View
12 In case of key pair have been compromised/lost/deleted. Please apply for revocation of certificate immediately and send us duly filled and sign physical revocation form to nearest verification office. Click here for address.
13 USB Crypto Token is required to download DSC as per CCA Guidelines Click To View.
For purchase of new token contact at dscsales [at] ncode [dot] in   Land line : 079-66743334
14 Currently we have allowed following USB Cryptographic Tokens for downloading DSC: ePass2003, mToken, Gemalto (Safenet 5110, Hardware v.15.0) and Watch Data).
15 To Download Certificate following configurations are required.
  a) Internet Explorer 9 and above
  b) Latest Java version 32bit
  c) Token drivers needs to install on windows machine
  d) Certificate downloading link Click Here.
16 Once DSC issuance process is initiated and Customer ID (CID No) is generated, it is considered as processed and no refund request against cancellation of DSC

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Click To View

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1) Crypto Token cost is not include into the above product prices